Welcome to Etoile D’or Daycare

Our philosophy at Garderie Etoile D’or is to provide the resources, experience, time, energy, and space to each child to provide health and happiness. Our licensed and experienced teachers provide them the attention and opportunity to create an environment for growth and development through constructive activities such as art, music, sports, cooking, stories, dance and many more.

With each day that passes, we aim to instill positive growth in each area of your child’s learning. With love we create a sense of belonging for your little one and with space to explore we help them become more confident. All these qualities help to provide a smooth transition into school.

We’re About The Little People…


Teachers have the power to change their students’ lives for the better. Our experienced and qualified teachers display enthusiasm, leadership, commitment, and compassion towards each child.


Practical learning, simply put, is learning by experience. Our children continuously engage in activities that stimulates growth and development.


We work with parents closely and show the growth of their little one day by day.


Each day is different, filled with events and activities to keep children engaged.

Fresh Air for our Children

We have acquired medical grade air purifiers from AtmosC Canada for each classroom to offer protection for our children and teachers. Air purifiers also provide fresh air to enhance learning and development. Our daycare is A-Zone Certified. For more information on the benefits of Pure Air, visit

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Arts and Craft

Creative Complexity

What Parents Say

“By far the best daycare, our son started off being shy couldn’t communicate properly but already there is a lot of positive improvement, he is more independent.. started being more talkative. The teachers are very friendly, they give daily updates on our boy’s progress. The daycare is clean. They really are the best. We couldn’t be happier and I highly recommend!”
“A great place for the kids to learn and grow. The teachers are compassionate, hard working and give their best to bring out the talent in each child. I will definitely recommend this daycare.”
“Very Happy with all the caring staff and owners of daycare getting our children ready for tomorrow and ready for school with their well organized activities. You will have peace of mind knowing your children’s are taken care of as if it was one of their own.”

Kiddies Corner

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